Abandoned Pittsburgh

I've always been fascinated with abandoned objects and buildings. They have a beauty to them that can't be replicated. I was eager to start my own collection of photos of such places, and Pittsburgh provided me with a great opportunity to do so. It all started as a final project idea for a digital photography class. I knew of some places near me that had abandoned buildings, so I used those for my project. But when it was over, I was left with an appetite for more. I started a myriad of Google searches to find more abandoned subjects that I photograph, and found many close to Pittsburgh. I've been fortunate to see so many amazing places and buildings, which makes this series my personal favorite.


Being able to take a "good" headshot isn't enough for me. I feel there is so much more that can be expressed in a still image. The game changes when you're able to really capture a subject's spirit and personality. After spending some time with a model, they eventually really open up for the camera. You start to get very natural and beautiful shots. You start to really capture their essence as an individual, which always makes for a stunning photograph. I have been fortunate enough to have many kind and willing participants pose for the camera. But let's be honest; who doesn't want an awesome new Facebook profile picture?


Being able to capture amazing moments is a great feeling, especially when you can do so while enjoying a hobby, or favorite activity. Professional wrestling is something I'm very interested in, and being able to capture historic and memorable moments from those events makes photography that much more exciting. I also love photographing animals. I mean, who doesn't love animals? Whether they are domesticated house pets, wild animals, or contained in a zoo; every animal has a unique personality, and a unique behavior. Being able to capture those exclusive traits is an amazing feeling.