Graphic Design

For me, it's not enough to just know how to create a website. It's important to help a company in more than one way, including branding and establishing a corporate identity. While I did not major or minor in graphic design, I feel confident in my ability to create logos and establish corporate identities. The companies and identities found on this page are purely fictional, unless otherwise noted.

White Shark

White Shark is a fictional brand. I wanted a sleek and simple feel to the logo. I also didn't want the main shark head to be the only imagery, so I made the "a" in shark resemble a fin. The colors represent those of a great white shark. I structured the type to mimic the feeling of a shark being under water, hence, under the rest of the logo.

Emperor Penguin Vodka

Emperor Penguin Vodka is a fictional brand I created. Penguins have been my favorite animal since I can remember, so I wanted to design something relating to them. When creating my own personal logo, I played around with the letter "m" for a while. During that process, I came to the realization that the letter "m" looks like penguins huddled together. I added the yellow for the chests of the penguins. When determining a product for the logo to represent, I decided on something that could be enjoyed frozen, so I chose vodka.

Tom's Diner

Tom's Diner is a fictional restaurant that is open for breakfast and lunch only. Since this would idealy be a diner a customer would start their day with, I wanted to emphasize a color that says "Good morning". I went with yellow, which is also a color that is associated with food. I tried incorporating a sun into the logo, but the more I looked at the sun, I started picturing an egg yolk. I decided to make the yolk of the egg the "o" in Tom's. To pair the egg with another breakfast food, I chose to use a slice of bacon for the "i" in diner.

Michael's Lounge

Michael's Lounge is a fictional bar. After spending a considerable amount of time looking and analyzing each letter of the title, I started to realize the the "v" shape of the "m" could be turned into a martini glass. Rather than designing a purely typographic logo, I was able to incorporate imagery into the type itself. The finished logo, along with the sans-serif type, gives the bar an upscale and classy martini bar.

American Streetwise Karate

American Streetwise Karate is a local (Pittsburgh) karate school. Before approaching me for a rebranding project, their logo was a picture of a patch that they had since the start of the company. The patch was, and still is, an important part of the company's history. However, I wanted to design something less complicated than the patch. With "American" in the name, I wanted to use a red, white, and blue color scheme. Since the company title has three words, I wanted to reduce it down to just the acronym, ASK. Three colors and three letters was the perfect setup, but when it came to making one of them white, I decided it would be better to just use negative space on a white background. To add movement to the logo, I incorporated a silhouette of a martial artist.