About Me

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Design didn't become a part of my life until my senior year at Montour High School. Up until then, I took an abundance of classes to prepare myself for a career as an optometrist. However, my web design elective class made a huge impact on me. I fell in love with the idea of being able to create amazing designs with code. After that year of high school, I went on to study Media Arts at Robert Morris University in Moon Township. I majored in Web Design and added a Photography minor after taking an intro class. My four years at RMU proved to be very beneficial, and I certainly honed my craft.

Kiss is not only a great rock n’ roll band, but it is an acronym that I believe in very strongly; keep it simple, stupid. It is something I keep in mind when designing for the web, or anything for that matter. A simple design makes it efficient, but simple does not mean sacrificing elegance or uniqueness. I see no reason for a design to have more than just the essential information, especially on the web. As a web user myself, I know that attention spans can be short, especially in such a fast-paced environment. If a website doesn't grab the user immediately, or if important information is hidden; it’s not effective. Simplicity is the key to open the doors of success.

Design is an exciting world that allows me to translate information into a medium that can be viewed by anyone. Being able to do so on the web definitely ups the stakes. The best part about being a web designer is that I get to know and see people actually interact with my design. I don’t design something that stays on a wall to be admired; I create an interactive and submersive environment that provides sought out information, and a satisfied experience.

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